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Creating Your Professional Independent Movie Projects... and A Few of Our Own!

Golden Grand Piano was Co-Founded in 2020 by Chelsea LeSage and Dan Guindon.
GGP can make your screenplay come to life. We can help with filming, editing and scripting.
Chelsea and Dan are dependable, organized and easy to work with.


Macbeth: A Cursed Film

This film was performed and recorded on stage. Produced by Stag & Lion Theatre Company and Golden Grand Piano.

The Confession of John Wilkes Booth 

A cinematic presentation of a staged theatrical event. Produced by Golden Grand Piano.


The Intimacy Bible

This pilot was created by McKylin Rowe and produced by Golden Grand Piano.
It is currently being circulated.


In The Planning Stage

A film short created and written by Dan Guindon, this project is in the beginning stages of pre-production.

Are you ready to get to work on your project?
Reach out to us!
(508) 395 - 8203

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